Saturday, 15 October 2011

Love is the movement

Love is the movement. That is what Emily Hunter, one of the Eco warriors, has tattooed on her body. Last week we had the great pleasure to receive and welcome Emily here at our place, after her and the other 14 Eco-warriors' experience in Borneo. She shared with us her experience there and much more. And we were delighted to hear all about it. I specially liked the stories behind her tattoos and the 'Love is the movement' was my favourite one. I so believe in this movement being the One! She is a very inspiring young woman and we are sure that she will succeed on her new mission together with her Eco-companions. We're also very curious to know more about her father, Robert Hunter one of the founders of Green Peace and how it all began. We surely had a great and fruitful time together. The day we met we went to have a early dinner by a restaurant in the middle of the rice fields. On our way back home, it was already night and we all shared a magical moment: lot's of fireflies floating over the rice fields, telling us that no matter how dark it may be there is always a light or many lights. Selamat pagi everyone. 

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